NUFER & Associates are Brisbane electrical and electronic engineers located in Sunnybank Hills, South-East Queensland, Australia. Support services include::

  • Documentation;

  • Authoring product Manuals;

  • Drafting Support in AuroCAD;

  • Training Manuals; &

  • RPEQ Certification.

Nufer and Associates was established in 1995.

The principal has over 40 years of engineering experience, as both a user and manufacturer of innovative electrical and electronic technology and services. 

Features of the consultancy include:

  • Service throughout Australia, SE Asia, & Oceania;

  • Registered Professional Engineer Queensland (RPEQ);

  • Technology transfer to clients; &

  • Reasonable fee structure.

Contact Details

To discuss your engineering requirements, & for more information regarding how Nufer & Associates may assist you, contact us on:

Phone: 61 (0)7 3273 1793,
Facsimile: 61 (0)7 3273 5493
Mobile: 61 (0) 428 645 046 (Principal Engineer), or

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