Nufer & Associates was started by Kerry Nufer in September 1995. He has over 40 years experience, both as a customer, vendor and manufacturer of electronics and telecommunications technology.


His qualifications include a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, and Masters Degree in Technology Management.


Kerry has significant experience investigating, designing and implementing telecommunications solutions, as well as undertaking RF/ Electromagnetic & forensics work in both Australia and overseas. 


Highlights have included such projects as the microwave network for linking RADAR stations along the Yangtze River delta, RF environment investigation for new satellite ground stations in Malaysia and development and delivery of customer training courses throughout SE Asia.


As Principal Engineer of NUFER & Associates he also has Registered Professional Engineer Queensland (RPEQ) certification pursuant to the Professional Engineers Act (Queensland).

To discuss your requirements, please contact us on:

Phone: 61 (0)7 3273 1793,
Facsimile: 61 (0)7 3273 5493
Mobile: 61 (0) 428 645 046 (Principal Engineer), or

Kerry Nufer Background, Company Foundations & Leadership

Early 1970s

Civil Engineering Technologist – Rural water supply with Irrigation & Water Supply (now SunWater) in surveying, soil testing, earth dam construction & irrigation systems.

Innovation in Microwave Radio & Converged Telecommunications

Late 70s/ Early 1980s

Sworn Queensland Police Officer & 1st police electrical/ electronics engineer, responsible for engineering of much of the the modern-day QLD Police telecommunications infrastructure, along RADAR and other police electronics technologies.


Late 1980s

Senior Engineer Snowy Hydro-Electric Authority – Responsible for largest privately networked PABX project in Australia at that time, along with other projects such as SCADA, telemetry links & Australia's highest solar microwave repeater station.


Early 1990s

Engineering Manager, Microwave Links Division, MITEC Ltd – Design, manufacture, deployment and support of innovative digital PCM & analogue microwave radio links throughout Australia, SE Asia.


Mid 1990s to present

Principal Engineer, Nufer & Associates (Aust) Pty Ltd – Specialist electrical and electronics engineering services to industry & government throughout Australia & overseas.

Career Highlights - Microwave Link Development

Kerry Nufer spearheaded the development of small microwave links with MITEC Ltd for the Australian market

Nungalah Repeater Tower Mornington Island, Gulf of Carpentaria

Technology Transfer for appropriate applications

Value-for money consulting charge rates

Mr Kerry Nufer BE MTM RPEQ

Principal Engineer &
Managing Director

Nufer & Associates (Aust) Pty Ltd

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