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Forensic engineering is a branch of forensic science involving the study of failure or compromised stress in:

  • Electrical;

  • Electronic;

  • Mechanical;

  • Civil; due to

  • Poor Design;

  • Incorrect Operation; or

  • Environmental Factors.

Failure investigations and analysis involves examining all components in detail for loss of functionality in the environment in which operating. Nufer and Associates specialises in all types of electrical failure including:

  • Marine Electrical Systems;

  • Electrical Fires;

  • Electrical Switchboards;

  • Electronics, Telecommunications & Microwave;

  • Antenna Systems Failures.

Compromised Electrical Switchboard Components

Ganged Miniature
Circuit Breaker Fire

Forensic Electrical Engineering is the failure or compromised operation of electrical or electronic systems. This includes systems operating at:

  • Low and High Current DC;

  • Low Voltage throught to High Voltage DC and AC;

  • RF (Radio Frequency);

  • Radiated & Conducted Emissions;

  • AC Mains Frequencies.

In all cases it is assumed that the equipment is operated within the parameters and specifications defined at the time of its design and construction.

Injuries & Death

Unfortunately some failure or compromising stress situations also involve serious injury or death to persons directly or indirectly using the system, in which case the situation becomes a case for the coroner. In less dangerous situations involving property only, remedies may require reparations and/ or recovery of costs, revenues, or other financial relief.

In all cases forensic evidence as to the reasons for the problem will be invariably required as a basis for determining the punishment or extent of reparations. 

NUFER & Associates provides clients with expert witness & forensic services based on over 35 years of industry experience as a professional electrical engineer.

We work and have worked in association with:

  • Police;

  • Solicitors;

  • Baristers;

  • The Coronor;

  • National Security Agencies;

  • Other third Parties:

With complete confidentiality and impartiality to establish the truth as to why systems have failed and or been compromised leading to loss, injury or death either directly or indirectly. .

Various reasons why it might be necessary to engage forensic consultancy services include:

  • Insurance fraud;

  • Equipment failure leading to injury or death;

  • Independent design review;

  • Contractor management & sign-off;

  • Inexplicable works or performance failure;

  • Materials & component failure;

  • Standards non-compliance;

  • Fit-for-purpose investigation.

Features of Consultancy:

  • 3rd Party Independence, objectivity & impartiality;

  • Confidentiality;

  • Specialised engineering analysis;

  • Thorough investigation, & review;

  • Remedial advice & salvage of investment;

  • Escalation & strategy for subsequent legal redress.


  • Detailed reporting of investigative outcomes;

  • Expert Witness;

  • Engineering based scenario development;

  • Technology management advice; and

  • Other outcomes.

On Site &
Lab Testing

PCs through to RF Signal Generators & Spectrum Analysis

On-board Ship Based Switchboard Fire Event

Catastrophic Destruction of Switchboard Including Power Distribution Controller

More Routine RF Radiation Environmental Measurements

RF Measurements to Gauge Australian Standards Compliance

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For a confidential discussion regarding your forensic engineering requirements, or for more information please contact us on:

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