Electromagnetic Radiation Introduction

Power Systems & ELF Sources

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Nufer & Associates undertake the investigation of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation across the whole spectrum, from ELF (extra low frequency) to microwave.

We work with full reference to Australian and overseas standards including current Australian legislation from ACMA,  ARPANSA, WHO, and other organisations including ACIF. Terms include:

EMF - Electromagnetic Fields;

EMR - Electromagnetic Radiation;

EME - Electromagnetc Emissions;

EMI - Electromagnetic Interference.

The scope of our consultancy extends through  –

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Despite the implementation of new management strategies by government and standards bodies the congestion of the RF (Radio Frequency) environment through the use of ever increasing wireless applications is becoming a major problem.

In addition, the problem of earth-loops and stray noise pick-up is never too far away due to the complexity and sensitivity of modern-day electronics in new applications. Nufer & Associates provides consulting services to designers, installation and maintenance personnel who need to resolve these types of problems quickly. Examples of client interference problems include:

  • Robot and fire protection system malfunction due to variable speed drives;

  • RFID tag reader unreliability;

  • Spurious bursting of Bit Error Rate on telecommunications links.

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Electromagnetic Radiation Applications

Nufer & Associates Provides Investigation and Design of Radiation Measurements for a Variety of Applications Including New Residential Developments and New Building Constructions.

Nufer and Associates works with all types of microwave. RADAR, and two-way radio to ascertain the threat level to human health. Pictured is a cobination marine RADAR and microwave system that used to be on Redcliffe hospital.

Radiation patterns from mobile base station antennas are used to gauge impacts on personnel in the vicinity of an installation

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