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Nufer and Associates are active participants in conferences regarding areas of technology where it has proficiency


Queensland Main Roads Conference Innovation Award August 2011


TankSmart is an application using Microsoft Excel to manage water supplies in a domestic and industrial situation

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The following conference papers are currently available in this section subject to acceptance of download conditions.

Queensland Main Roads Conference Innovation Award August 2011

At the 2014 Engineering Technology Forum Mr Kerry Nufer presented a paper titled "Compelling Reasons for Using Autonomous Braking Systems for  Mitigating Over Height Truck Tunnel & Bridge Colisions" - Slides. 

In the 17th annual Transport & Main Roads Engineering Technology Forum, the theme was Natural Disasters and the Impact on the Transport Network. Nufer and Associates paper was titled, 'Mitigation of Transport Disruptions Due Natural Disasters in Rural & Remote Regions Through Use of Intelligent Voice Based Highway Alert Technology'

Slides and paper are available for download below.

Mitigation of Transport Disruptions Through Use of HAR Technology - Slides,
Mitigation of Transport Disruptions Through Use of HAR Technology - Paper

Kerry Nufer, Principal Engineer, Nufer and Associates also won the Queensland Main Roads Conference Innovation Award for the above paper.

QLD Main Roads Conference Brisbane, August 2011

The 16th annual Transport and Main Roads Engineering Technology Forum, held at the Sebel and Citigate, King George Square from 3-5 August, 2010. This year’s theme was on: “Solutions Delivering Q2 Outcomes.”

A Cooperative Mobility Project for the Australian Trucking Industry - Slides
A Cooperative Mobility Project for the Australian Trucking Industry - Paper

Over time Nufer and Associates produces various applications on spreadsheet for rapid analysis of data. These are generally carried out using MS Excel - probably the most power general computational software platform in existence. These applications can be downloaded subject to acceptance of our download conditions.


TankSmartXL was developed at a time Brisbane in SE Queensland was in dire straights with respect to water supply, and everyone was installing tanks. These problems have eased for the time being but will re-emerge with the next dry spell.

Water is a massive problem all over the world, so TankSmartXL is offered as a tool for anyone out there as a computational methodology for dimensioning their domestic water supply situation.

TankSmartXL Spreadsheet Application
TankSmartXL Spreadsheet Manual

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