Welcome & Introduction

Isolated telecom facilities and other electrical work are a specialty of Nufer and Associates.

Nufer Associates Integrity & Operating Principles

NUFER & Associates are Brisbane electrical and electronic engineers located in Sunnybank Hills, South-East Queensland, Australia. The company specialises in:

  • Electrical Engineering;

  • Electronics Engineering;

  • Project Management;

  • Documentation;

  • Legal Engineering, &

  • RPEQ Certification.

The company provides investigation, design, project management, manufacture, and documentation to industry in areas comprising:

  • Electromagnetics;

  • Forensic Engineering;

  • Noise and Interference;

  • RPEQ Verification and Sign-off Services;

  • Intelligent Transport Systems;

  • Radio Frequency Engineering;

  • Telecommunications;

  • Technology Management;

  • Research and Development.

Nufer and Associates was established in 1995.

The principal has over 40 years of engineering experience, as both a user and manufacturer of innovative electrical and electronic technology and services. 

Features of the consultancy include:

  • Service throughout Australia, SE Asia, & Oceania;

  • Registered Professional Engineer Queensland (RPEQ);

  • Technology transfer to clients; &

  • Reasonable fee structure.

Contact Details

To discuss your engineering requirements, & for more information regarding how Nufer & Associates may assist you, contact us on:

Phone: 61 (0)7 3273 1793,
Facsimile: 61 (0)7 3273 5493
Mobile: 61 (0) 428 645 046 (Principal Engineer), or
Email kd@nufer.com.au

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Some Project Highlights

In 1989 Kerry Nufer engineered the highest microwave repeater in Australia (1642 metres) at Grey Hill in the Kosciusko range.

Unloading the Captain Roberts (barge) at Mornington Island of all prefabbed telecoms equipped containers for installation on the island.

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