The Kanymari Project has reached completion with the radio systems being commissioned at the end of October and project handover through the first weeks of November 2003.

The attached pictures depict the progress made throughout the project.

Bull Dust!

Work on the project involved working under atrocious conditions - with special road maintenance required to transport construction equipment.

Bulldust shown being 'kicked-up' by construction vehicles has the capacity to quickly turn to mud after rain placing strict deadlines on completion before the wet season.


Running Lead-In Cables for Residential Telephone Services in Gununa


Container/Shelter Fit-Out in Brisbane Before Shipment to Mornington Island - July/August 2003


Containers Arriving at Karumba for Shipment by Barge to Mornington Island - 29th August 2003

Unloading Shipping Containers Off the Barge at Gununa - 30th August 2003

Packing in the Nungalah Tower Footings - Mid October 2003

The Kanymari Project spans the Wellesley Island group in the south-east corner of the Gulf of Carpentaria in Australia's North. Work has involved the establishment of a range of new telecommunications services on the island/s including;

  • Residential Telephones,

  • CDMA Mobile at Gununa,

  • VHF Mobile Base Stations at Gununa, Nungalah, Numringun, and Bentinck Island.

The maps shows the four main centres of the radio repeater network and the links connecting the various sites together.

Tower Construction at Nungalah - Mid October 2003

Nungalah Tower from the Birri Road
(Just After Construction)

(Refer to Billy Gusset Report 2006 for current status information)


Nungalah Tower Near Birri Lodge - RL of Top of Tower 75 metres - Highest Point in Wellesley Island Group
(Refer to Billy Gusset Report 2006 for current status information)

Numringun Radio Mast & Associated Container Shelter Just After Construction (2003)

(Refer to Billy Gusset Report 2006 for current status information)